4 Ways I Can Make My Life Better This Year

Life Betterment

I want to be happy. Who doesn’t? I want to be better than I was last year and the year before. But happiness is elusive. Nonetheless, they say that happiness is always within anyone’s reach. You just have to open your eyes to see it. Maybe they’re right, and maybe they’re not. But certainly, there are those things I could do this year that could certainly make my life better. And that got me thinking. What are those things?


1.Stepping Back to Assess

Before I could figure out what I could do to be a happier human being, I realized that I had to step back and look. It has to start with imagination and observation. Really stepping out of your shoes and analyzing yourself from another person’s viewpoint. What would it take to make that person (you) happy and better this year? It’s a million-dollar question. Assess your own like a third party. This way, you’ll be able to derive a lot of insights that you otherwise couldn’t have gotten from elsewhere. Create a list.

2.Practice Gratitude

Once I created a list of things that could make my life better this year, including getting closer to God and giving more to the less fortunate in society, I also learnt that exercising gratitude is another great way to be happier. Many of us just get into the habit of focusing on what we don’t have, what we lack. We take everything that we have for granted. This is not to say that you should live in denial and ignore the problems that plague your life. All I’m trying to say is that while you’re tackling those problems, you should also appreciate all the things that you could be grateful about. Think about everything that you have others wish they could own. Think about all the great friends you have. And even if you don’t have great friends, chances are high that you have a loving family. And if not that, what about good health? Each one of us has a lot of things that others wish they could also have. And that’s reason enough to be grateful – or so I thought. So one of the ways I’m going to be happier this year is by exercising gratitude.

3.Live in the Present

Live in the present moment. There’s always cause to worry about tomorrow. I realized that whenever I thought about things that I really had no control over, I got stressed. I became unhappy. And so I noted that one of the things I could do to be happier this year is live in the present. You should learn to be able to appreciate what’s going on right now. Do everything in your power to be fully present in this very moment. After all, this moment is all you have.

4.Treating Others Right

This is another great way to improve the quality of life you live. Choose to do the right things, it helps a lot. Even when other people are not treating you well, do the right things. Say something positive. It’s the little things that make our world a better place. Have it in mind that every time you do something good towards others, you also do something good about yourself. So get started right now and make sure you’re making others happy through those little things.

Yes, that’s all. Very simple things that really go a long way towards making me happy. Maybe you should try them too.