Differences and Similarities


While AARP (American Association for Retired Persons) and AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) are both clubs for older adults, there are many differences between the two. Likewise there are also some similarities to be highlighted and we will examine both.

Political Differences

AMAC has been billed as a conservative alternative to AARP. Here are a few of the political differences between AARP vs AMAC:

AMAC is vociferously opposed to Obamacare and very actively campaigns to repeal it.

  1. AMAC is vociferously opposed to Obamacare and very actively campaigns to repeal it. AARP generally supports Obamacare.
  2. AMAC is actively pro-life. AARP has not taken a position on this issue.
  3. AMAC very actively campaigns for the right to bear arms. AARP has not taken as a strong position on this issue. They do strongly support the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and talk about the need to keep guns out of the hands of children and criminals.
  4. AMAC actively campaigns to lower taxes for everyone. AARP supports additional taxes on the richest Americans.


AARP and AMAC are also very different in terms of sheer membership numbers. AARP has approximately 40 million members, whereas AMAC has not yet broken half a million members. Of course, AMAC is only a few years old so it is a much younger organization than AARP which has been established for more than fifty years. In addition to AMAC, other more conservative organizations for older Americans have sprung up too. These include American Seniors Association (ASA), 60 Plus Organization, and The Seniors Coalition (TSC). However, AMAC is the largest by far in terms of membership. This was boosted by the fact that in January 2008, they offered a one-year membership for free.


Both AARP and AMAC offer many discounts to their members. These include discounts on supplemental insurance, home insurance, dental insurance, hybrid long-term care insurance, prescription eyeglasses, prescription drugs, hotels, car rentals, airline tickets, and restaurants. Both retirement clubs also offer discounts that appeal specifically to seniors. These include discounts on dentures, hybrid ltc insurance, life insurance with no age limit, Medicare insurance, identity protection, and insurance for manufactured homes. Unfamiliar with hybrid long term care insurance and how it differs from regular long term care insurance? Hybrid long-term care insurance combines long term care benefits with some aspects of life insurance. Meaning that hybrid long term care could offer you the best of both worlds.

At this point, AARP offers more discounts than does AMAC but the latter may catch up at some point. In more esoteric categories, AARP usually offers more than AMAC. For example, one couple we know were able to get a great deal on RV insurance through AARP and there was nothing even close through AMAC.

Since the details of the discounts and other benefits can vary when comparing AARP vs AMAC, some people could benefit most by being a member of both organizations rather than one or the other. However, many older Americans may choose one organization over the other based on the political differences between the two politically active organizations. If you wish to learn more about Hybrid LTC or any other long-term care insurance consider working with a trusted agent.